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Reebok Settles False Advertising Case with FTC, Returns $25 Million to Purchasers of EasyTone Shoes

On September 28, the FTC announced that Reebok has agreed to pay $25 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that Reebok’s EasyTone shoes were advertised in a deceptive manner. According to the FTC’s press release, the funds will be made available for consumer refunds either directly from the FTC or through a court-approved class action lawsuit.

The FTC’s complaint alleges that Reebok’s ads deceptively represented “that laboratory tests show that when compared to walking in a typical walking shoe, walking in EasyTone footwear will improve muscle tone and strength by 28% in… More

First Circuit Rejects Reduction of $675,000 Damages Award in Music File-Sharing Case

The First Circuit has kept alive a dispute, well-publicized in the Boston area and elsewhere, about what statutory damages can properly be assessed against a graduate student who illegally shared files of copyrighted music via file-sharing program Kazaa.  See here for an overview of the case, as well as links to various related content and documents.

Since the defendant, Joel Tenenbaum, eventually admitted his liability for copyright infringement, damages issues predominated in the district court and on appeal. Mr. Tenenbaum was sued for improperly sharing 31 copyrighted songs (although he shared thousands more), which placed the statutory damages between… More

New gTLDs: A New Website for the New Regime

Now that ICANN’s new gTLD program is moving full steam ahead, ICANN has launched a new informational website as part of its global awareness campaign to promote the potential benefits of new gTLDs (the potential harm caused by the gTLDs is left to us commentators). The new website is intended to serve as a one-stop shop for potential and eventual gTLD applicants and other interested parties, and provides a bevy of information related to the new gTLD program, including:

Information on the new gTLD application process and the TLD Application System (TAS)  Access to… More

Lamebook Faces Down Facebook


As reported recently, Facebook has dropped its suit against Lamebook, the subject of our prior blog entry, pursuant to a settlement agreement. This followed Facebook’s unsuccessful attempt to have the case transferred to its home turf in the Northern District of California.

According to the news report, Lamebook got to keep its name as part of the settlement, and did not even have to change its logo with the evocative “thumbs-down” icon and blue… More