WEBINAR: Legal Ethics for In-House Attorneys Handling Copyright, Trademark & Advertising Matters

Ethical duties are paramount in any legal practice. Matters relating to copyright, trademark and advertising law give rise to some special ethical considerations. Even unintentional missteps can be detrimental to the attorney, and their client.

In this 60-minute webinar, designed for in-house counsel, we discussed how to identify and address ethical issues to guard against potentially irreversible consequences.


  • Oaths filed with the Patent and Trademark Office, and who should sign them
  • Rules of the road for investigating competitors
  • Who, exactly, is “the client”?
  • Non-lawyer staff members and their appropriate roles in the company’s legal matters
  • Negotiating settlement of advertising-related competitor suits and class actions

We explored these and other important ethical questions to have on your radar the next time a copyright, trademark or advertising issue pops up in your practice.

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